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AccuVision offers a complete range of eye care services including  eye exams, vision testing for glasses and contacts Lenses etc....

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Spectacles or eye glasses remains the commonest, cheapest, safest, effective and most practical way to correct vision and we at Meenakshy Opticals make sure that you feel comfortable with the pair of your choice. Meenakshy Opticals is your one stop store for all your family's eye wear needs. You can get any brand of lenses and frames including bifocals, half frame, progressive, photochromatic and high index glasses.You can have your prescribed spectacles ready in short time. We also provide vast range of branded frames, prescription lenses and sunglasses at Meenakshy Opticals at best and affordable price.  For more information feel free to call at: +919645011222

Quick and fast delivery

We offer quick and fast delivery of your frames and lenses, probably within a few hours itself.

Exclusive kids frame collection

We offer a wide range of frames and lenses exclusively for kids.

High Quality Products

We provide you with the best quality lenses and spectacle frames at very competitive prices.We focus on trend setting eyewear and services.

Free Computerised Eye Testing

We also conduct free computerised eye testing at our outlet. Meenakshy has trained professionals taking better care of eyes and suggesting valuable tips for vision requirements. We guarantee our customers of precise results as the professionals carry out complete procedure with extreme care and perfection. The entire process is carried out and the results is derived and conveyed to the individuals so they can get proper optical solutions for eyesight correction. 


The one stop destination, Vision Care offers computerised eye vision test as well as retailing of contact lenses, glasses, and other optical solutions at effective prices.


Advancements in contact lens technology offer the potential for successful contact lens wear to most of our patients. Contact lenses not only enhance visual acuity and appearance, but also improve performance in different visual tasks; helps avoid fogging of glasses in different environments, and also improve performance of other fast activities like sports.

Because contact lenses are medical devices placed on the eyes, they require expert fitting and careful instruction, as well as conscientious care and compliance with recommended follow-up examinations to maintain the healthy functioning of your eyes. To insure your contact lens success, we would like to familiarize you with our contact lens procedures and policies.

Meenakshy Opticala has a well-equipped state of the art Contact Lens Clinic offering an extensive range of Contact Lenses. Our Contact Lens Clinic has highly qualified and experienced professionals who ensure that the patients are given the best lenses after scientific testing in a professional and friendly environment. This allows the best possible clinical care to be provided to individual patients.



We are indebted to the basic theory of creating the highest level of customer satisfaction in the optical industry through the effective management and the development of our people , our products and operational and strategic methods.
We are also bound to form a unique quality partnership with our patients, customers, staffs and our suppliers. We are committed to be the best amongst all.


We are also bound to become leaders in optical and eye care in Alleppey  offering high quality service always.


We are committed to the basic philosophy of creating the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the optical industry through the effective management and development of our people, our products and our operational and strategic methods.

We are committed to prove a high quality service at all times, combining clinical excellence with patient satisfaction, recognizing the contribution of all staff to the quality of patient care.

We are committed to improve the financial performance of the company

And we are committed to be the best by, amongst other things:

  • Getting the job right the first time.,
  • Supporting each other.
  • Learning from our mistakes.
  • Exceeding customer expectations.


“  One of the best opticals in haripad. Well experienced staff and delivery on or before promised time. Maintaining good behaviour and co operation with their customers. .. Iam one of their customer from beginning of their shop near haripad govt. Hospital. I appreciate their staff at townhall junction showroom and hospital junction show room, also the management. Best of luck

Venugopal C Illikulathu

Perfect Eye Optical that makes our vision more clear


I'm fortunate that I visited your store  for purchasing sunglasses for the love of my life and she was overwhelmed with the stunning design. Thank you!




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It was a great experience at Meenakshy opticals , the staff are very friendly and the delivery was as promised infact prompt , I experienced a personalized service, thanks 🙏 meenakshy wishing you all the best.

Suresh kumar ks